Siri Dehipitiya


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Biography of Siri Dehipitiya

Siri Dehipitiya studied drawing and painting at the Haywood College of Fine Arts in Colombo, Sri Lanka. He has presented his work in exhibitions throughout Sri Lanka. One of his paintings was selected to be permanently displayed at the Art Gallery of Sri Lanka during the early '60s.

In 1975 Siri and his family immigrated to United States where he continued to pursue his interest by taking courses in graphic communications and calligraphy at the Tracy Education Center and art courses in the community school in Norwalk, California. In 1978 he and his family moved permanently to Texas, where he currently resides. Siri taught calligraphy in Austin Community Schools for several years and worked at the Texas Department of Transportation for 18 years as a cartographer.

He enrolled at the Elisabet Ney Sculpture Conservatory in Austin, Texas in 1997 to study figure and portrait sculpture. He also studied concrete sculpture stone carving and bronze casting. He continues to exhibit his work around Texas and has been involved in numerous group exhibitions.

All Images: Copyright by Siri Dehipitiya, 2011

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